Cochineal Kit


The Cochineal Natural Dye Kit includes enough dye and mordants to create many beautiful reds, roses, plums, pinks and lavenders on your silk, cotton, wool, or other natural fabrics, yarns and fibers.

In your kit you will receive:

This is over a $125 value!

Suitable for teens and adults.

All mordants we supply and use are from naturally occurring minerals that come from the Earth.  When the fabric biodegrades the minerals will return to the Earth from whence they came. There are no residuals left on the fabric as the minor amount of fixative is locked into the fibre.
For more information please see the article "The Myth of the Bad Mordant."

Cochineal Natural Dye Kit
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Cochineal Natural Dye Kit Some of the colors you can create with the Cochineal Natural Dye Kit
Cochineal Natural Dye