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One of the classic Natural Dyes. The dyestuff is the heartwood of a tropical tree related to the mulberry. It gives bright clear yellow with alum; a rosy toned yellow with tin, (the color I call AURORA); gold with chrome; and soft greens from sage through forest with iron and/or copper after mordants.

The trees from which this dyestuff has been harvested grow wild in the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. No tree is cut down for the harvest: only a large side branch is taken. All heartwood from the center of this branch is cleaned and shaved by hand. All sales of this dyewood benefit the harvesters, who are some of the few remaining descendants of the original Taino peoples of that island.

The Logwood Project is an effort by Cheryl Kolander as "Mama D.O.C." Inc., Non-Profit for Natural Health, to bring some income to this segment of extremely poor and over exploited humanity. Read about the history of this project at Mama D.O.C.

Fusticwood is an excellent dye for all natural fibers: silk, cotton, wool, hemp and all exotics.  

The Beginner’s Natural Dye kit contains 8 oz Fusticwood shavings, along with Logwood and Brazilwood, Iron and Alum mordants and instructions to dye yellows, soft greens, purple, greys, red and maroon.

Colors you can get with Fusticwood Natural Dye
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Colors you can get with Fusticwood Natural DyeFusticwood Natural DyeFusticwood Natural Dye