Logwood Shavings are out of stock. Please see the Beginner's Natural Dye Kit for the remainder of the Logwood shavings stock.

Please see our Logwood Extract for a quality, certified, true Natural Dye in powder form, that will give you exactly the same colours as the shavings, with much less fuss.

The heartwood of the Logwood tree, native to the Caribbean; hand harvested, cleaned, shaved, dried and sent to us!  Sustainable harvested, Logwood is a legume tree and grows quickly and abundantly in the Caribbean.

Logwood gives purples with tin and/or alum mordant. Use at about 50% by weight for dark purples.

Logwood gives BLACK with tannin and iron mordants.  Use at about 100% by weight.  Black with Logwood is very rich and permanent.

We would like to thank you for supporting the Dominican Logwood project in the past. We now get our Logwood from Jamaica and as always it's Fair Trade.

Logwood is also available in a convenient extract!

Extra large orders - call for quote

Colours you can get with Logwood Natural Dye
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Colours you can get with Logwood Natural DyeColours you can get with Logwood Natural DyeLogwood Natural Dye