"White & Wild"

Eri "White & Wild"
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Eri "Rustique"
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Eri Naturally Dyed Colours
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This very durable, soft and easy to care for fabric is smoothly woven from fine two ply yarns in both warp and weft, and in a balanced weave for maximum durability.  This Eri fabric is exceptional in the fineness of the weave.

Now available in two quite distinct styles:

"White and Wild" is finely woven, using modern machine looms. It is very regular and very clean, up to international standards for couture clothing. It is bleached to a crisp pearly white. Hard pressed and smooth surfaced, it is ideal for digital printing. It is also available in a variety of naturally dyed colors.

"Rustique" is handloomed. It is never perfectly regular! It is in the natural Eri colour which is an off-white with a pale golden tinge. Rustique is an excellent fabric for Naturally Dyed colours, art projects, home style clothing and bedding.

Eri is a type of wild silk found in India. The cocoons are small and the silk is very light in color, almost as white as bombyx (cultivated) silk.  Eri silkworms eat Castor bean plant leaves and the cocoons are gathered after the moth emerges, which makes this Eri silk "Peace" silk.  The moths are allowed to emerge, mate, lay eggs and finish their lives happy.  Today most Eri silk is cultivated in rural development projects sponsored by the India government.  The fibre is processed, spun and the fabric woven in small mills in village India.

This Eri silk fabric is a true Peace silk, in a fine weave at an affordable price! Spun and woven from wild Eri silk cocoons, after the moth has naturally emerged. Smooth, soft, and durable. Great for all types of clothing and bedding.

*Indigo: Natural Indigo from El Salvador, Naturally fermented in a traditional European Bran-Madder vat. Very Permanent Color, exceptionally beautiful.

For special colors please contact us. Dye lots vary.

Fabric Information

  • Fibre content: 100% Eri peace silk, Eri is a wild silk that spins a very white fibre.
  • Source: India, wild crafted or semi cultivated on small family farms; Certified Organic.
  • Width: 45"
  • Weight per linear yard: 2.7 oz
  • Commonly used for: all types of clothing, bedding, drapes, play cloths, children's clothing, scarves and stoles.
  • Weft (width) shrinkage: 2%
  • Warp (length) shrinkage: 3%
  • Recommended care: Hand or machine wash: gentle cycle, warm water, mild soap.  Tumble dry on low heat.  For smoothest finish, iron from barely damp state on "wrong" side of fabric.
Eri 100% Silk Fabric.
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Eri 100% Silk Fabric. Eri 100% Silk Fabric Naturally Dyed in Blue.Eri 100% Silk Fabric Naturally Dyed in Charcoal.Eri 100% Silk Fabric Naturally Dyed Purple. Eri 100% Silk Fabric Naturally Dyed in Golden Yellow. Eri 100% Silk Fabric Naturally Dyed Green. Eri 100% Silk Fabric Naturally Dyed Red.