Hemp Denim™

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This denim twill has a nice bias stretch. It is a durable fabric that will last a lifetime, yet is soft and very comfortable after washing. It is well-woven, and dyes beautifully - especially with indigo.

This is a pure hemp, with no additives or finishes - a rare find! It is fragrant with the scent of fresh cut hay. It comes in a natural fawn beige, with no bleaching of any kinds.

Fabric Information

  • Fibre content: 100% Hemp
  • Source: Eastern Europe
  • Width: 64"
  • Weight per linear yard: 23 oz
  • Weft shrinkage: aprox 9%
  • Warp shrinkage: aprox 2%
  • Recommended care: Hand or machine wash: gentle cycle, warm water, mild soap. Tumble dry on low heat. For smoothest finish, iron from barely damp state on "wrong" side of fabric.
Hemp Denim 100% Hemp Fabric.
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Hemp Denim 100% Hemp Fabric. Hemp Denim 100% Hemp Fabric. Hemp Denim 100% Hemp Fabric.