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Transparent like it's not there! This 100% silk fabric is true "Illusion". Used for bridal veils, of course:"The bride wore a veil of Illusion", and also for swirly dancing veils. Almost completely transparent fabric, becomes a little more visible and crinkly when washed.


Fabric Information

  • Fibre content: 100% reeled natural silk
  • Source: China
  • Width: 55"
  • Weight per linear yard: less than 1/2 oz
  • Commonly used for: veils, dress or skirt overlays, scarves
  • Weft (width) shrinkage: will crinkle up, but stretches back, and can be ironed smooth.
  • Warp (length) shrinkage: 10% (3 yards shrinks to 2 & 1/2 yds)
  • Recommended Care: Dry clean or hand wash is recommended; machine wash is acceptable care using gentle cycle, mild soap and warm water.  Tumble dry on low heat, or iron dry from a barely damp state, for greatest smoothness.   Never use bleach on silk.
Illusion 100% Veil Silk Fabric.
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