"Lumiere" Ahimsa™

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This fabric is our lightest weight Ahimsa™ Peace silk. It is light, airy, and as luminescent as moonlight.

The warp and weft are both smooth spun Ahimsa™ Peace silk. Peace silk, also called vegetarian silk, is from cocoons which the moth has completed its transformation and emerges free and happy. For more information, read about Peace Silk on our Silk Worm Eggs page.

Staple is approximately 2" and the yarns are two-ply for a soft, sparkly luster; drapey hand; and excellent durability.

Fabric Information

  • Fibre content: 100% Ahimsa TM Peace silk; long staple spun silk, plied warp and weft. Cultivated Bombyx mori, mulberry silk. All the Ahimsa TM silks are CERTIFIED ORGANICALLY GROWN.
  • Source: Silk raised in rural India on small family farms. Yarn is spun and fabric is woven in small mills in India. Aurora Silk is partnered with the patent holder in India.
  • Width: 44”
  • Weight per linear yard: 1.8 oz
  • Commonly used for: Clothing: shirts, dresses, light weight skirts, scarves, undergarments, next to body wear. Bedding:  light sheets and pillowcases, sleep sacks.  Other: Wall art, tie dye, painting, block or other Natural Dye printing.
  • Weft (width) shrinkage: aprox 4%
  • Warp (length) shrinkage:aprox 4 %
  • Recommended care: Hand or machine wash: gentle cycle, warm water, mild soap.  Tumble dry on low heat.  For smoothest finish, iron from barely damp state on "wrong" side of fabric.
Lumiere 100% Silk Fabric.
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