Embroidery Ahimsa™

Naturally Dyed
Embroidery Ahimsa™

Embroidery Ahimsa™ silk yarn can be used for machine embroidery in the bobbin of most machines as well as for hand sewing, weaving and fine textile art.

A cable ply of three strands of a fine two ply twisted together, tightly (3/2/60 m.c.). This is the same size as the Fine 2-ply but it looks and feels different because of the tight cable ply.

Each skein is 110 yards long. Each cone is 8 ounces net weight and approximately 2,200 yards long.

It is also available in a variety of naturally dyed colors; on skeins only.

Embroidery Ahimsa 100% Silk Yarn.
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Embroidery Ahimsa 100% Silk Yarn.Embroidery Ahimsa 100% Silk Yarn.Embroidery Ahimsa 100% Silk Yarn.