Fine 2-ply

Fine 2-ply (undyed)

Naturally Dyed Fine 2-ply

Our Fine 2-ply soft spun thread is spun of the finest quality cultivated silk.  Very strong and cohesive, excellent for weaving warp, weft, lace knits, crochet, hand sewing and embellishments.  This is a popular thread for Kumehimo Japanese braiding.

This is often used for quilt embellishment, embroidery, and needlepoint on 18 mesh canvass.  Excellent for machine knitting.  Perfect warp, sett at about 20 ends per inch.  Goes very well combined with our Tussah Fine 2-ply. 20/2 metric count, about 4,400 yards to the pound.

Each skein weighs 3.5 ounces (100 grams) and is 1000 yards long. Each cone is 14.5 ounces net weight.

It is also available in a variety of naturally dyed colors; on skeins only.

Fine 2-ply 100% Silk Yarn.
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Fine 2-ply 100% Silk Yarn Fine 2-ply 100% Silk Yarn