Bombyx Mori

Medical Grade
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Handspinning - Technical Grade
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Bulk Pack
1 oz by weight.
Aprox 120 small cocoons.


New! Larger and Cleaner Medical and Cosmetic Grade Cocoons!

Organically raised in the United States in the Ahimsa Peace Silk tradition by allowing the moth to emerge and finish their lives naturally. They are of an excellent size and density. White and yellow cocoons. No chemicals or GMOs were used in the creation of these cocoons. These are the absolute finest quality silk cocoons for Medical Research.

Why these cocoons are the best.

Organically raised: Strain in the US for 50 years, always Organically raised. No GMO (It is believed Chinese cocoons are now all GMO, with unknown properties). No hormones or antibiotics. (Chinese, Korean and Japanese raisers, including those in Latin America and Africa who are raising under the direction of these cultures, use large amounts of antibiotics and growth hormones. These are fed to the caterpillars to increase production. Naturally, they are in the silk and would interfere with cell growth-migration.)

Local control of production and production standards: These cocoons are raised in Portland, Oregon at a small Urban Silk Farm. Anyone can visit and see that the above production standards are met. Raised by the top expert in the field of natural silk. (“A Silkworker's Notebook” 1979, 1985, 2000).

US laws prevail: Transparency and honesty is the standard of my business for 42 years. (It is fair to assume, based on many years and many contacts in the field, that all overseas business people will tell you what you want to hear, regardless of the truth.) Investment can be made locally to increase production as needed.

Peace” cocoons: The moth is allowed to mature and emerge. What you buy is pure silk, not a bunch of dead bug bodies. Dead bug bodies can contaminate the silk.

Most sincerely, Cheryl Kolander, US Peace silk raiser since 1990.

Aurora Silk
434 NE Buffalo Street
Portland, Or. 97211

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“Mama D.O.C.” Inc
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Silk Cocoons Medical Grade.
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