Ahimsa™ Embroidery Yarn


Ahimsa™ Peace Silk Yarn from a special project in India — bombyx mori cultivated silk that is 100% Peace: from cocoons where the moth is allowed to freely emerge, mate, lay eggs and finish life happy.

This yarn is the same size as the Aurora Silk Fine 2-ply and Aurora Silk Tussah Fine 2-ply. It is, however, a different twist. It is a tight twist multi-ply: that is, a fine strand is spun and twisted into a 2-ply, then this is reverse twisted into a 3-ply cord, or “cabled” yarn. This makes a very strong, durable and coherent yarn, extra good for all uses. Especially recommended for: hand sewing, embroidery, beading, crochet, knitting – both hand and machine, tatting and lace, weaving warp and weft.

100 gram skeins (aprox 3.6 oz) = aprox 1,000 yds (meters)
100 gram spools (aprox 3.6 oz) = aprox 1,000 yds (meters)

Natural White with no bleaches, finishes or additives.

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Ahimsa™ Peace Silk Yarn Trademarked and Patented, Peace Silk from a special project in India.

100% truly natural therapeutic quality peace silk; organically hand raised on small family farms. Better than “sustainable”; silk raising is beneficial to the planet, the growers, the processors and to you, the wearer!

Certified by “Mama D.O.C.” Inc., a 501(c)3 Non-Profit devoted to Natural Health.

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