Padauk wood (“pterocarpus”) is a wood indigenous to parts of Asia and Africa. It is traditionally used not only as a dye, but for furniture making, musical instruments, and as an herbal medicine.

While this is not as intense as a sappanwood, it has a lovely orangeish hue and is very fun to use. The pictures above depict the dye used at 100% by weight on various silks.

This is a 4 ounce (113 grams) or 1 pound (453 grams) pack of Padauk heartwood shavings intended for use in naturally dying fabric, yarn, or roving.

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This is a truly eco-friendly dye option — not only is it a natural, safe dye, but it is a material made from the recycled sawdust of local marimba makers.

If you’re a natural dye beginner, don’t worry! This product comes with complete instructions to start or continue your natural dying adventure. We recommend you purchase Alum (potassium aluminum sulfate, available in our shop) as a mordant to affix this dye to your fiber.

For best results, soak the dyestuff for 1 week in Everclear (or other high proof clear liquor), then mix with water and extract. You can see the difference with and without soaking in alcohol in the second photo, above. Complete instructions come with any purchase of this dye.

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