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Colors: The Dyes That Make Them


  1. Scarlet = brightest flame: Cochineal with Tin.
  2. Crimson = “American Beauty” Rose Red: Cochineal with Alum.
  3. Magenta = bright rich red with a slightly violet tone: Cochineal with Alum, ammonia and possibly a pinch of Iron or Copper after.
  4. Christmas Red = Brazilwood with Alum.
  5. Magenta = Brazilwood with Alum and a pinch of Iron after.
  6. Oriental Carpet Red = Madder with Alum.
  7. Ecclesiastical Red = Madder with Alum and Cochineal over.

Violets and Purples

  1. Logwood on Tin or Alum; or Tin and Alum.
  2. Indigo first, topped with Cochineal and Alum or Tin.
  3. Cochineal with Copper, or with Alum or Tin and Iron after.
  4. Madder with Alum and Iron after.
  5. Brazilwood with Alum and Iron after.


  1. Madder with Tin
  2. Fusticwood with Tin
  3. Fusticwood with Alum and Cochineal or Madder
  4. Weld with Tin or Alum and Cochineal or Madder


  1. Weld with Tin or Alum.
  2. Fusticwood with Alum.


  1. Catechu with Alum, and/or Copper, and/or Tin, and/or Iron.
  2. Tannin for Beige.


  1. Indigo.
  2. Logwood with Iron for a blue-toned gray.


  1. Indigo with overdye of any yellow = bright greens.
  2. Any yellow with overdye of Logwood and Iron = soft greens.

Black and grey

  1. Logwood with Tannin and Iron.
  2. Tannin and Iron.
  3. Logwood and Iron = blue toned gray.

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