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Caring for Silk Fabric

Boiling and use of any harsh detergents will damage the fiber! Any un-coated natural silk will dye well without the need for any kind of scouring process.

Wash either by hand, or in a washing machine! 

When using a washing machine, set to a gentle cycle, warm water.  Air dry or tumble dry on low. 

Always use a mild soap, such as Dr. Bronner’s, never a harsh detergent.  Many laundry detergents are made to denature proteins, which are the basic structures that silk is made of.  

Iron on the “wrong side” to smooth out crinkles.  To regain a crisp finish, iron while the fabric is still damp from washing. 

After your silk has been naturally dyed, be sure to wash with like colors, and do not soak. Your color will be permanent for many years! 

We always recommend washing with the above method before cutting, dyeing, or sewing. Stay-stitching (making a basic wide running stitch along the length of the cut edges of your fabric), if it is loosely woven, will help prevent unravelling in the wash cycle.  Then, simply remove the stitches if you wish. 

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