Ahimsa™ “Fluffy” Yarn


This is a well-spun silk yarn, spun from 100% Ahimsa™ bombyx mori, also known as “mulberry” cultivated silk, from cocoons raised lovingly on small family farms in the southern part of India. Spinning is done in a small mill, locally owned in India. 

Ahimsa™ silk is spun from cocoons from which the moth has completed its transformation and emerges free and happy.

“Fluffy” Ahimsa™ silk yarn can be used for hand embroidery, as well as for hand sewing, weaving, and fine textile art.

A cable ply of three strands of a fine two-ply twisted together, tightly (3/2/60 m.c.). This is the same size as our “Fine 2-Ply”, but it looks and feels different because of the tight cable ply.  This is also approximately the same size as our “Ahimsa Embroidery Yarn”, hand dyed in 21 standard colors using beautiful jewel-toned natural dyes by Master Natural Dyer Cheryl Kolander.   As this yarn is softer, we call it “Fluffy”!

1/2 oz skeins  = approx 110 yds
100 gram spools (aprox 3.6 oz) = approx 1,000 yds

Natural White with no bleaches, finishes or additives.

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Ahimsa™ Peace Silk Yarn Trademarked and Patented, Peace Silk from a special project in India.

100% truly natural therapeutic quality peace silk; organically hand raised on small family farms. Better than “sustainable”; silk raising is beneficial to the planet, the growers, the processors and to you, the wearer!

Certified by “Mama D.O.C.” Inc., a 501(c)3 Non-Profit devoted to Natural Health.

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