Ahimsa™ Satin


The first of its kind – a 100% peace silk satin! Warp and weft are both spun Ahimsa peace silk.

Peace silk, also called “vegetarian silk”, is from cocoons from which the moth has completed its transformation and emerges free and happy.

Not your usual shiny satin – this fabric has a soft, creamy luster and lightweight pillowy texture. It is perfect for the softest and most luxurious clothing such as undergarments, pajamas, and dresses.

This fabric comes in a warm, natural white, but can be naturally dyed any color to order.

All natural silk is 100% organic!

Buy a 4″ x 4″ Fabric Sample only

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Fabric Information

  • Fiber content: 100% Peace silk and Certified Organic
  • Source: Rural India, small family farms
  • Width: 45″
  • Weight per linear yard: 3oz
  • Momme Equivalent: 36 mm
  • Commonly used for: Light dresses, liners, blouses, shirts scarves and light drapes.
  • Weft shrinkage: approx 5%
  • Warp shrinkage: approx 7%
  • Recommended care: Hand or machine wash: gentle cycle, warm water, mild soap. Tumble dry on low heat. For smoothest finish, iron from barely damp state on “wrong” side of fabric.


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