Yarn Portfolio


This Yarn Sample Portfolio contains approx. 1 yard long samples of our entire collection of undyed silk yarns.

Each yarn comes on its own page detailing fibre source and quality and suggested uses.


The Yarn Portfolio comes with samples of the following yarns (subject to change due to availability) :

Heavy Knitting Silka yarn that is lustrous and easy to handle, perfect for knitting

Knitting Silk  – the most popular size for knitting

Lustre Cord perfect for quilt embellishment, embroidery, and needlepoint

Fine 2-Plygreat for weaving, lace knits, crochet, and hand sewing

Finest Hand Sewing Thread – for “invisible” stitching

Ahimsa Sewing Threada peace silk fine enough for hand sewing and durable enough for machines

Ahimsa Embroidery Yarn  – perfect for machine embroidery, weaving, and other textile art

Tussah Soft Singles – great for making soft knitted scarves or baby caps, or as the weft in weaving

Tussah Fine 2-Ply – excellent for machine knitting, fine hand knitting, or warp in weaving

Silk Chenille – excellent for knitting and ultra soft weaving

Cultivated Silk Singles  – wonderfully soft and great for knitting

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Weight 10 oz


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